Saturday, July 28, 2012

Google's new Index Status in Webmaster Tools

Google has made a public index secret that charts the number of indexed pages for your site over the last year using the new Index Status feature in Webmaster Tools

To see Index Status go to Webmaster Tools > Health > Index Status

It gives you an idea about how many pages are presently indexed. If you see a progressively increasing number of indexed pages, many happy returns! It should be sufficient to verify that new content on your site is being crawled and indexed by Google.

1   => For Basic Tab

Total Indexed: The total number of URLs from your site that have been added to Google's index.
Find it in a blow snapshot.

=> For Advanced Tab: This Advanced alternative give extra information:

Ever crawled: The cumulative total of URLs from your site that Google has ever accessed.

Not selected: URLs from your site that redirect to other pages or URLs whose contents are substantially similar to other pages.

Blocked by robots: URLs Google could not access because they are blocked in your robots.txt file.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Search Engine Updates – Google plus Local page Questions

After long time I back with this blog search engine updates. Google has come up with very exciting changes every times. And people are also looking for their updates.

Before talk anything, let’s come to point, and focus on very thrilling topics recently updated by Google and that is Google plus Local.

Everyone has faced some problem with Google plus local and have many questions?

So this post for those people who really upset with Google Local Updates.

Some people ask Few Question on Google plus local,
             Why Google Turn my Local page on Google plus, while I don’t have any Google plus Profile?

  When I check my local business review turn in to Google plus, it seems like old review, and worthless, how can I delete my fake review.?

   I have Google plus profile and business page with one email and local business have differ email, so what can I do? Or how can I merge to both in to one?

   What is procedure to count review on Google plus local?

  It can be harm to my business, because any one can make bogus review, is there any procedure to make true review and trustable and avoid by unwanted people?

I know you have still more questions and doubts on Google plus local use.

Let we will find out all possible answer on my next post, but please keep more questioned regarding Google plus Local and anything else

Please comment more questions / answer or any updates on these topics.

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