Friday, December 9, 2011

Twitter’s new Look

The new design includes four tab that will over look the shape of Twitter going on:

1) ‘Home’ - where tweets from people you have chosen to follow will appear

2) The "Connect Station" - for seeing who has followed or mentioned you and join the conversation and act on interactions

3) "Discover" - lets users tap into customised information streams based on location and what is going on in the world

4) The "Me" tab is a new profile section that allows users to develop a richer profile than just the few words and picture that has existed to date
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Google Analytics account New Updates

Google analytics has been activated new version in your account. You’d also notice some significant new features. Here are a few of our favorites.

Google Analytics Real-Time
 Real-Time reporting shows you what’s happening on your site - right now! The reports are updated continuously and each page view is reported seconds after it occurs on your site. You’ll find Real-Time reports in the ‘Home’ tab.

Multi-Channel Funnels
See which channels your customers interacted with during the 30 days prior to converting or purchasing. Conversion path data includes interactions with many media channels, including clicks from paid and organic searches, affiliates, social networks, and display ads Video demo & Usage guide.

Mobile Reporting
More and more, visitors are using mobile devices to browse the web. Mobile reports in the new version of Google Analytics help you understand how mobile visitors are interacting with your site. You can even see which mobile devices your visitors use and optimize for those devices

Flow Visualization
Flow Visualization is a beautifully designed and highly sophisticated tool for graphically showing how visitors navigate through your site. We've completely re-imagined and redesigned the navigation tools available in the old version of Google Analytics

Video demo & Usage guides for Visitor Flow, Goal Flow

Need to check something in the old version?
We think you’ll enjoy all the features of the new version but if you need to refer to the old version, there is a safety latch.  Look in the top right corner of Google Analytics and you’ll see a link for Old Version. Switch back and forth as much as you need, but keep in mind, that the old version will only be available until early next year.

Happy Analyzing,
the Google Analytics Team.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Excellent Strategy in Landing Page Optimization

Now days everyone’s talk about POPCORN - Internet Marketing Conferences running at Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, and this Conference from November 8 to November 10.

So first day Brad Geddes, Tim Ash, and Joanna Lord are here to share some great landing page optimization ideas.

Joanna Lord who started to say landing page optimization. She’s going to break down the landing page optimization into actionable steps.
Your Landing Page Needs to Be/Have
  • clean and concise
  • bullets, small paragraphs, drop unneeded fields
  • call to action
  • big, clear, visually appealing, buzz word usage
  • branded, certified, trusted elements

Two sides of advanced landing page optimization

In-house tactics

How easy can you make it for everyone in the organization to create good pages? You need:
  • integration
  • education
  • checklists
  • integrate your CMS
  • automation
  • landing page templates
  • auto-expire pages
  • preview/Q&A system
  • champion results
  • data collection
  • spotlight efforts
  • circulate & educate

The more info you give your team to make good decisions, the less you have to fix later. You can push things out faster, but they’ll all have a good, solid foundation. Talk to your devs. Show them what you do, and ask them if they can see anything that can be improved. Recognize people’s efforts.

On-site tactics
She uses Starbucks as an example. Their landing page has a lot going on. They’re trying to do a lot on one page. When she goes to this page, she feels ok, she doesn’t think their bounce rate is bad. Hopefully they tested everything on the page. What you should have on the page:
  • Secondary conversions
  • E-mail addresses
  • RSS/Social subscribers
  • Social counts
  • Become member
  • Downloads/views
  • Engagement
  • Feedback
  • Loyalty programs
  • Virtual high five
You need to understand your conversions, and you need to understand them well. We all know how important it is to drive people to your site, but also to have them spend time on the site. As landing page testers, we owe it to our clients to push them up. Is there one facet of the page that should be highlighted over another?

Brand Strengthening
If you want to get serious about winning on your pages, you need to look at how you’re presenting your brand across that page.

Mission Statements
Ask yourself where else you can strengthen your brand on the page, and then test it.

Use words you know your target market will appreciate

If you’re going to have an award, it’s important to have something unique to you, not what everyone else is doing. Host awards if you need to, but give credit where it’s due.

Customer Counts
Do what Mail Chimp does. We’re the type of consumer who wants to see badges. Don’t just use text.

If you have awesome customers or partners, use their logos

If you choose a theme, use it throughout the page, from the theme to the images. Make it beautifully streamlined. There should be an emotional connection to how a page feels. That can be one of the easiest ways to tell a client you’re going to get results.

If you have free shipping, free returns, make sure there’s an element that draws attention to it. Text is too easy to overlook.

Press Mentions
And here, Joanna was about to mention the press mention on our own Outspoken Media page, but she was told she only had a couple of minutes left, so she skipped to the end!

She didn’t get to this one, but I’m going to assume she means keep your page positive. :-)
It’s a lot of work, there are a lot of great tools you can use. You have to test. And that’s it!
Now we move on to 

Brad Geddes. He says almost every activity ends with either a phone call, or a form being filled out, so let’s look at forms.When someone fills out a form, they get something in return. What’s the value? It doesn’t matter. It’s the perceived value that matters.

What’s the minimum amount you need to know? Is the value of what you ask equal or greater than what they get in return? Because if it is, they’re not going to fill it out. If the values are equal, you’ll have good conversion rates.

Three Ways to Get at What People are Looking At
  • Eye Tracking – You get a wealth of very accurate information. But it’s very time-consuming. It’s expensive, and you can’t use it as a threshold for doing stuff unless you have a big project. Tool: Tobii
  • Mouse Tracking – It’s accurate, although not perfect, but good enough. It’s less versatile because it’s not involuntary. You move a mouse whereas you don’t consciously move your eyes. Tool: Crazyegg and Clicktale
  • Software Algorithms – The brain looks for lines, certain shapes, motion, flicker, etc. They’re less accurate, not versatile, not good at “considered response,” but they’re very inexpensive and offer instant turnaround. (He didn’t mention a specific tool for this one)
Use data to develop your pages, and cater to what people are looking for.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Google Starting adwords ads review on 6 September

Google adwords has announced ad review process started from coming week.

Let you know about some upcoming changes to the types of adwords ads review.

What’s happening?
Starting on 6 September, adwords begin reviewing paused ads the same way review active ads. This means that new and existing paused ads will be sent through the standard ad approval process. As a result, if your paused ads violate one or more of AdWords advertising policies, they are likely to get disapproved.

Google Adwords says “we’re proactively reviewing paused ads to eliminate unnecessary delays in getting your ads approved and to ultimately enhance your experience with Google AdWords.”

Starting on 6 September, adwords begin reviewing new paused ads, followed in the coming weeks by the review of existing paused ads.

To learn more about our ad approval process, please see

To learn how to get your paused ads re-reviewed if they were disapproved, please see

For more details and answers to frequently asked questions, please see

The Google AdWords Team

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Google Plus Vs Facebook Funny Images [A part of Jokes]

Google’s new attractive social networking platform Google + has been launched before couple of months ago. As Google Plus rolled out, Facebook goes down!

If you don’t know then Google+ (pronounced and sometimes written Google Plus, sometimes abbreviated as G+) is a social networking service operated by Google Inc. Google+ integrates social services such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz, and introduces new services Circles, Hangouts, Sparks, and Huddles.
Google Vs Facebook Comparison
Here are some Funny Google Plus vs Facebook Images [Jokes]
 Comic Joke on Google vs Facebook: Wait! Don’t you realize!? He’s the same as I am! Well, without ads (for now)… OR games… OR confusing privacy settings.. Err… Nooo! Please don’t go!.. Eh… They made a movie about me!

Funniest quote in the above image is : Dude sell it before it’s too late…. Ha ha…

 Google Plus taking Facebook coffin: Some Google plus faces taking Facebook coffin hanging twitter on it.

Google plus growth and number of million users: In 16 days of launch G+ hits 10 million where Facebook and twitter had taken years to reach there.

Google Plus first generation user:

Another Google Plus comic: 

Google Plus Real Evolution:

Google Plus Angry on Facebook, Yahoo!, IE and Mac

 Google Plus sailing over the Skype facebook and Microsoft.

Google Plus being a reason of cheating a wife over husband as Facebook 

Google Plus: I’m not doing shit today (mission accomplished).

Google Plus Are you addicted image:

Google Plus Let’s not Fight:

Google Plus has strategy and holds it to the last and delivered it finally.

After all It's enjoy :)

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Important Click-to-call enhancement to Google AdWords text ads

If you currently have a phone number in your ad text or have plans to start adding your phone number in an ad, this is an important notice that in the coming weeks, AdWords will be launching a new enhancement to AdWords ads that will impact charges on clicks to these numbers.

Mobile users connect more easily with advertisers, all non-clickable phone numbers displayed in AdWords ad text will be automatically converted into a Click-to-call number.  Currently when advertisers enter a phone number directly into their ad text instead of using Call Extensions, the phone number is not clickable and will not generate a call. This can be a frustrating experience for mobile users who attempt to initiate a call to this phone number.

The new Click-to-call enhancement ensures that all phone numbers shown in AdWords ads are clickable and allows users to easily place calls from their mobile device. If your ad text includes a phone number, you will begin to receive clicks and calls on this number once the enhancement is enabled in your account. As with phone calls placed via a Call Extension, you will be charged for clicks on your phone number that result in a call.

Please note that AdWords policy does not allow for phone numbers to be inserted into ad headlines. As with all Click-to-call ads, advertisers will be charged when a user either clicks on the headline or the phone number listed in the ad. Please see below for additional information regarding this change.

Which phone number shows?

If you are currently using both Call Extensions and a phone number in your ad creative, only the newly clickable phone number in your ad creative will show. This is designed to help reduce user confusion from seeing two potentially different numbers.  If you would like your Call Extension number to display, simply delete all phone numbers from your existing ad text by following these steps. You'll also receive an additional line of ad text displaying your phone number if the Call Extension is used.

Measuring results

You'll be able to review how many calls you receive on the clickable phone number listed in your ad text for each campaign, ad group, keyword and ad on the "Campaigns" tab in your AdWords account. Just select the "Click-type" option under the "Segment" drop down and view your report.  Please note that since these are not calls generated from a Call Extension, they will not be reported in the Extensions tab reports.

Recommendations for featuring a phone number

You can simply leave your phone number in your ad text and benefit from this change which will automatically make your phone numbers clickable and enable users to call you. However, to get the most value from click-to-call, we recommend that you remove your phone number from your ad creative and create a Call Extension with your phone number directly.  This has several benefits. With a manually created Call Extension your number will appear as an additional line of ad text which frees up space in your ad creative for other promotion. In addition, when you create a Call Extension, your phone number appears on a separate line in the ad, and you're able to take advantage of other powerful enhancements such as Vanity Numbers, Call-only and Call Metrics reporting.

Sincerely By,
The Google AdWords Team
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Google Panda Updates 2.3

Latest Google Panda Update 2.3 has been rolled out. If you see a change in your traffic, you’ve been probably been hit by the recent Panda update. This update is relatively smaller as compared to the previous versions. Let’s look at the previous versions of Panda update:

Previous versions of Panda Updates

The timing of each Panda update indicates that Google is re-iterating Panda update after almost every month. In my opinion Panda update has been the worst killer of all the updates to Google search algorithm simply because it penalizes the whole site instead of the exact page. The Panda will analyze all the pages of a domain, leave out the pages with duplicate or low quality content and then penalize the whole domain until the problem is corrected. Panda update also takes into consideration the quality of outgoing links. If you are linking to a content farm or low quality content, you’re likely to be effected by Panda.

There have been a lot of talk about how to get rid of Panda but none of the solutions has worked 100% in my opinion. If you’re hit by Panda, you should realize that you have to work very hard in order to get the trust of Google back. Here are the three simple steps that can lead to successful relief from Panda:

  • Remove duplicate and low quality content.
  • Remove outbound links of low quality content.
  • Wait for Google to re-index your site and sort out the problem.

Each time Panda is run, there’s a chance some hit from the last update will improve, while other sites might see traffic drops. In between updates, changes people may make specifically in hopes of fixing a Panda problem won’t show any impact until the next update is run.

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How to create and work AdWords Express ads?

Before some ago, google announce about Google Boost pack up, but now it’s coming with new ideas and different way and it’s launching as AdWords Express.
-       Adwords Express is the easiest way to advertise on Google.
Today, google renaming the product as AdWords Express and officially launching it across the U.S. This name change will not affect your account - your AdWords Express (formerly Boost) account will continue to work as usual.

There are also a few things we’ve recently developed to help improve AdWords Express and enhance your experience with the product. Here are some important new features we’ve added:
  • Create ads for each of your business categories: Ads written specifically for each of your categories will perform better than using the same ad for all of them. You can also divide up your budget by category for more control over spending.

  • Additional alerts & payment management: We'll let you know if there’s an issue with the billing information in your account and give you steps to resolve it right away.

  • Ad title editing: To make your ads even more specific, you can now change ad titles from your business name to any customized message.
How to Start?
You can access these additional features and check on your ads through your dashboard. You can sign in with and know more about AdWords Express account.

You simply provide some basic business information, create your ad, and your campaign is ready to go.

After you sign up, the campaign will be automatically managed for you. AdWords Express will figure out which searches should trigger your ad to appear and displays it when these searches happen. Your ad will be shown in the Ads section of search results pages—on the top or right hand side—and in Google Maps with a distinctive blue pin.

How It Works?
-       When people search online for local products or services that you provide, an ad for your business will appear above or beside their search results. 
-       Your business will also be marked with a distinctive blue pin on Google Maps, helping it stand out to potential customers

Who It's For?
-       AdWords Express is for local businesses looking for local customers.
-       AdWords Express helps potential customers find your website or Place page,
-       It's for business owners who want the benefits of a targeted online ad campaign, without having to spend time managing it.

Set Your Budget
-       AdWords Express puts you in complete control – decide how much you want to spend monthly, and you'll never be charged more than that amount.

Pay Only For Success
-       Your ads are displayed next to Google search results for free. You're only charged when someone actually clicks your ad.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to Solve Approved Limited Rendering Issues in Adwords?

I was working on adwords, and suddenly I found “approved limited” ad status with warning message of “Rendering Issues detected”

The ‘Approved (limited)’ status is defined as;
ð        Ads with “Approved (limited)” status will not show in all of the geographical locations or on some or all the devices you’ve selected.

ð Ads are reviewed according to our advertising policies. In some cases your ad may be categorized as “Approved (limited)” depending on the content of the ad text and the website. In these cases, your ad will only be allowed to show in certain countries or on certain devices on the Google Search and Display Networks per our policies.

 Certain ads were being restricted/limited because of landing page rendering issues 

 After deeper research, received the following feedback with Google Account manager;

“As a precaution, our system will automatically limit ads from running on high-end mobile devices if we detect that mobile users will be led to a landing page containing a significant amount of Flash or other content that will not render properly. This limit is needed to avoid a poor user experience and poor advertiser return on investment (ROI) since these users will not be able to interact with a particular site.

We’ll detect mobile rendering issues at the domain level; ad creative’s will display a message stating, “Rendering issues detected; landing page not serving on mobile devices with full browsers.” Note that this won’t affect whether your campaign serves ads on desktop and laptop computers.”

So the issue was with Apple I-phones and Apple related products not supporting flash, therefore restricting what devices ads will be served to avoid poor user experience.

Google say; “Please note that this will not necessarily affect all Flash-heavy ad groups in an account, for example, depending on various factors like whether the adgroups have significant mobile traffic, and classifications may vary.”

Here we found that the use of flash banners on landing pages dramatically helps increase conversion rates across all devices as it allows multiple messages and calls to action to be promoted in a fixed single banner/container.

Therefore removing flash elements of the landing page to cater for Apple devices could dramatically affect the performance of our client PPC accounts.

What can we do?

If you want to remove Google ads limited status;

1. Need to change his campaign settings and doesn’t target mobile devices anymore.\

2. Need to made changes in to site and confirm that there is no more Flash content on the landing page.

To overcome this issue you need to create separate campaigns for mobiles and apple products allowing optimization of mobile devices incorporating mobile friendly landing pages and landing pages that contain no flash for apple products (until flash is supported).

Separate campaigns also allow you to individually optimize bids, keywords, ad text etc. for each device to ensure you maximize ROI.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Fixed your Disapproved Sitelinks status

Here is some guidelines which we need to follow when we face to sitelinks status (Disapproved)

7 Step for Fixed your Disapproved Sitelinks status.

1) Each sitelink to lead to a different landing page (Check that you have at least 1 of your site links going to a different landing page)

2) If you do not have different landing pages, try to resubmit the site links and hope they slip through the system or build new landing pages!

3) Make sure you are not using Unicode or HTML symbols in your site links which are not part of your company name

4) Do not use a telephone number as a site link – Google has click to call extensions for this!

5) Do not use a gimmicky statement such as click here or hit our plus 1 button

6) Do not overcapitalize

7) Check for over-using punctuation
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google+ Will Soon Hit 10 Million Users (According to a Report)

Today so many social media networks are active and since last couple of week Google+ attract the people.

Google’s new social network Google+ has been done great work to gaining the largest number of users in such a less time so far. It is one of the fastest growing networks and has grown faster than any other network till now. In such a small duration of time it has reached 10 million users as per an approximation.

Paul Allen, from, has established a kind of methodology for calculating how many people are on Google+.

He evaluated numerous surnames that he picked up as sample from the U.S. Census Bureau data and compared them with the surnames of the users of the Google’s new social network. With the comparison of the surname popularity in the U.S. and the number of Google+ users, his evaluation included the percentage of U.S. population that has signed up on Google+. Then he calculated the ratio of U.S. users to non U.S. users which led him to make out the estimated number of Google+ users across the world.

Finally, he came to a conclusion that about 9.5 million users from across the world along with 2.2 million people joining in the past 32 to 34 hours.

If the result is to be believed, no other social network has ever recorded so many users in such a less time. However, the result cannot be believed blindly as it an unofficial data from a third party about which Google has not yet commented anything

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Make Short Google plus Profile?

Let some talk about Google+ shortened profile page URL,

It’s difficult to remember Google + profile page,

But now you can create customized and shortened profile page URL using

Enter Your Nick Name or Username (it will show up in your profile URL) and profile ID

For example:

  • Enter Nick Name/ Username: HetShah
  • Profile ID: 104055400993469232057
  • The chosen username will show up as part of your profile URL:

Your username can be at least 3 characters to at most 25 characters in length with letters only (no numbers or special characters).

My profile URL becomes -

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