Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Fixed your Disapproved Sitelinks status

Here is some guidelines which we need to follow when we face to sitelinks status (Disapproved)

7 Step for Fixed your Disapproved Sitelinks status.

1) Each sitelink to lead to a different landing page (Check that you have at least 1 of your site links going to a different landing page)

2) If you do not have different landing pages, try to resubmit the site links and hope they slip through the system or build new landing pages!

3) Make sure you are not using Unicode or HTML symbols in your site links which are not part of your company name

4) Do not use a telephone number as a site link – Google has click to call extensions for this!

5) Do not use a gimmicky statement such as click here or hit our plus 1 button

6) Do not overcapitalize

7) Check for over-using punctuation
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