Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Make Short Google plus Profile?

Let some talk about Google+ shortened profile page URL,

It’s difficult to remember Google + profile page,

But now you can create customized and shortened profile page URL using gplus.to

Enter Your Nick Name or Username (it will show up in your profile URL) and profile ID

For example:

  • Enter Nick Name/ Username: HetShah
  • Profile ID: 104055400993469232057
  • The chosen username will show up as part of your gplus.to profile URL:

Your username can be at least 3 characters to at most 25 characters in length with letters only (no numbers or special characters).

My gplus.to profile URL becomes - http://gplus.to/HetShah

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  1. Nice post dude! Thanks for the sharing your information..


  2. try this service: (free): http://topl.us - The link after customization could be http://topl.us/yournickname --> Great! right?