Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take Look Google+ - Google Social Network

Since Last week many people are debated about google new update.
An Introduction to Google+:- Google has just released their social network and its name is Google+.

It’s A Beautiful Interface: - Google starts with a highly attractive design. Using their expertise in HTML 5 and created an interface very smooth, simple, and attractive.

Het Shah Google+ Profile

  • Circles
You can simply sort your friend groups, called Circles, by clicking on the "Streams" in the left sidebar. This give you a chance to only see things shared from your family or other Circles
While Facebook does have a group-creation option, and the ability to share content or be visible in chat with only select groups, You can literally click and drag your various friends into “Circles,” or groups who you can then share content with.

  • Sparks
Sparks as “an online sharing engine, Sparks seems to be a way to add a "live" SERP into your social network.
Tell Sparks what you’re into and it will send you stuff it thinks you’ll like, so when you’re free, there’s always something cool to watch, read, or share.
Sparks is “an online sharing engine.” You can search for your interests and find popular web content, ranging from videos to blog entries to news stories to images and well beyond. You can then save any of the items you like for easy reference, share the content, or discuss the most popular items in a Top Interests segment of Google+.

  • Hangouts
With Hangouts, the unplanned meet-up comes to the web for the first time. Let specific buddies (or entire circles) know you’re hanging out and then see who drops by for a face-to-face-to-face chat. Until teleportation arrives, it’s the next best thing.
 Hangouts lets users create an open video sharing session that’s visible to friends. Others can then join the conversation, chat, and share content (such as items found by Sparks) with all the group members.
The cool thing is that when you start a Hangout, it alerts other people in your Circles that you have started a Hangout so they can join
  • Google+ Profile
The new version of the Google profile takes a few extras into account, and the most prominent is Google +1. The “public”demarkation of those +1s will finally have some relevance: You can view what content a user has +1′d by browsing through their profile. This makes the +1 button the equivalent of a Facebook like for pages, while adding a Sparks interest is more like becoming the fan of a page.

As with any social network, having the ability to share photos with your friends is key! Google+ has a few different ways of displaying and sharing photos with your friends, It is quite a user-friendly way of seeing what images are included in each album your friend shared.

Below are some of the security options that you can set when sharing things with your circles. It allows you to stop people from commenting on the thing you shared and you can stop them from re-sharing it with their circles. Also when you first share something it allows you to pick what Circles you want to see the thing you shared.

  • Mobile Features

The Android version of Google+ is already available, and several mobile-specific features were created.
  • Huddle is a feature that automatically creates a group chat that brings in a group of users who can use iOS, Android, and SMS to chat.
  • Instant Upload, if enabled, lets video and photo taken with your Android phone automatically upload to cloud storage in Google+. The media is private to start, but you can access the album and share any of the content with a single click.
  • Location lets users geo-tag all of their posts, at their discretion. 

  • How to sign up?

Right now, Google+ is by invitation only, you can visit this website to request your own invitation to Google+.
and google launch google+ very soon to publicly and may be end of this month. 

also some question arise here,
  • Is google+ will beat to facebook?
  • What is next step for facebook?
i will definitely update you about google+ and it's feature.

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