Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to create and work AdWords Express ads?

Before some ago, google announce about Google Boost pack up, but now it’s coming with new ideas and different way and it’s launching as AdWords Express.
-       Adwords Express is the easiest way to advertise on Google.
Today, google renaming the product as AdWords Express and officially launching it across the U.S. This name change will not affect your account - your AdWords Express (formerly Boost) account will continue to work as usual.

There are also a few things we’ve recently developed to help improve AdWords Express and enhance your experience with the product. Here are some important new features we’ve added:
  • Create ads for each of your business categories: Ads written specifically for each of your categories will perform better than using the same ad for all of them. You can also divide up your budget by category for more control over spending.

  • Additional alerts & payment management: We'll let you know if there’s an issue with the billing information in your account and give you steps to resolve it right away.

  • Ad title editing: To make your ads even more specific, you can now change ad titles from your business name to any customized message.
How to Start?
You can access these additional features and check on your ads through your dashboard. You can sign in with and know more about AdWords Express account.

You simply provide some basic business information, create your ad, and your campaign is ready to go.

After you sign up, the campaign will be automatically managed for you. AdWords Express will figure out which searches should trigger your ad to appear and displays it when these searches happen. Your ad will be shown in the Ads section of search results pages—on the top or right hand side—and in Google Maps with a distinctive blue pin.

How It Works?
-       When people search online for local products or services that you provide, an ad for your business will appear above or beside their search results. 
-       Your business will also be marked with a distinctive blue pin on Google Maps, helping it stand out to potential customers

Who It's For?
-       AdWords Express is for local businesses looking for local customers.
-       AdWords Express helps potential customers find your website or Place page,
-       It's for business owners who want the benefits of a targeted online ad campaign, without having to spend time managing it.

Set Your Budget
-       AdWords Express puts you in complete control – decide how much you want to spend monthly, and you'll never be charged more than that amount.

Pay Only For Success
-       Your ads are displayed next to Google search results for free. You're only charged when someone actually clicks your ad.

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