Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to Solve Approved Limited Rendering Issues in Adwords?

I was working on adwords, and suddenly I found “approved limited” ad status with warning message of “Rendering Issues detected”

The ‘Approved (limited)’ status is defined as;
ð        Ads with “Approved (limited)” status will not show in all of the geographical locations or on some or all the devices you’ve selected.

ð Ads are reviewed according to our advertising policies. In some cases your ad may be categorized as “Approved (limited)” depending on the content of the ad text and the website. In these cases, your ad will only be allowed to show in certain countries or on certain devices on the Google Search and Display Networks per our policies.

 Certain ads were being restricted/limited because of landing page rendering issues 

 After deeper research, received the following feedback with Google Account manager;

“As a precaution, our system will automatically limit ads from running on high-end mobile devices if we detect that mobile users will be led to a landing page containing a significant amount of Flash or other content that will not render properly. This limit is needed to avoid a poor user experience and poor advertiser return on investment (ROI) since these users will not be able to interact with a particular site.

We’ll detect mobile rendering issues at the domain level; ad creative’s will display a message stating, “Rendering issues detected; landing page not serving on mobile devices with full browsers.” Note that this won’t affect whether your campaign serves ads on desktop and laptop computers.”

So the issue was with Apple I-phones and Apple related products not supporting flash, therefore restricting what devices ads will be served to avoid poor user experience.

Google say; “Please note that this will not necessarily affect all Flash-heavy ad groups in an account, for example, depending on various factors like whether the adgroups have significant mobile traffic, and classifications may vary.”

Here we found that the use of flash banners on landing pages dramatically helps increase conversion rates across all devices as it allows multiple messages and calls to action to be promoted in a fixed single banner/container.

Therefore removing flash elements of the landing page to cater for Apple devices could dramatically affect the performance of our client PPC accounts.

What can we do?

If you want to remove Google ads limited status;

1. Need to change his campaign settings and doesn’t target mobile devices anymore.\

2. Need to made changes in to site and confirm that there is no more Flash content on the landing page.

To overcome this issue you need to create separate campaigns for mobiles and apple products allowing optimization of mobile devices incorporating mobile friendly landing pages and landing pages that contain no flash for apple products (until flash is supported).

Separate campaigns also allow you to individually optimize bids, keywords, ad text etc. for each device to ensure you maximize ROI.

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