Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Google Starting adwords ads review on 6 September

Google adwords has announced ad review process started from coming week.

Let you know about some upcoming changes to the types of adwords ads review.

What’s happening?
Starting on 6 September, adwords begin reviewing paused ads the same way review active ads. This means that new and existing paused ads will be sent through the standard ad approval process. As a result, if your paused ads violate one or more of AdWords advertising policies, they are likely to get disapproved.

Google Adwords says “we’re proactively reviewing paused ads to eliminate unnecessary delays in getting your ads approved and to ultimately enhance your experience with Google AdWords.”

Starting on 6 September, adwords begin reviewing new paused ads, followed in the coming weeks by the review of existing paused ads.

To learn more about our ad approval process, please see

To learn how to get your paused ads re-reviewed if they were disapproved, please see

For more details and answers to frequently asked questions, please see

The Google AdWords Team

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